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JAPAN TRUST PAY SYSTEMThe Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) is an anti fraud organization in Japan fighting against frauds and scams. This Organization receive daily comments from all over the world that overseas buyer were cheated after sending money to Japan. The fraud complaints are increasing rapidly, and the situation is getting worse. To avoid fraud risk and enjoy safe & secure purchase from Japanese companies, Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) has introduced a secure payment system called “Japan Trust Pay” to protect both overseas buyer and Japanese seller as well. Read more

Protection of companies and individual against online fraud.

If you plan to buy a car, machinery, or anything from an exporter in Japan, it is strongly recommended for your own safety to verify any website or company's status before sending money. It is very important to be smart and stay safe by all due precaution and do not become a fraud victim.

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Japan Company Trust Orgnazation

Japan Company Trust Orgnazation