About Japan Company Trust Organization

Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) is an Anti-Fraud Organization in Japan. Only Japanese companies can apply for verification. Foreign companies with registered branch office in Japan are also eligible to apply for verification.

Before verification all applicant companies has to pass scrutiny process of Japan Company Trust Organization, that include company’s profile including registration, police license, physical address confirmation, and various other facts.

Companies with criminal or fraud record are not eligible to apply for verification. If any verified company was find involved in criminal or fraud activities, the verification registration of that company will be immediately cancelled.

Companies involved in tax rigging are also not eligible to apply for verification. Any fraud attempt will be reported to police department in Japan.

Japan Trust Pay Service

Japan Trust Pay is a secure payment system. This system ensure buyer to enjoy and secure shopping from Japan without fraud risk.
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Search Japanese Company to avoid internet fraud

For those who are willing to import any product from Japan

If you are willing to import any product from an exporter in Japan, it is strongly recommend for your own safety to verify any Japanese website or company’s status before confirmation of order.
To avoid internet fraud DO NOT remit money to any company without your full satisfaction. Send inquiry for any Japanese company by filling form. →Click here to send inquiry.